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Live Streaming Border Investigation


2,000-Mile, 20-Day, Veteran-Led Live Streaming Investigative Border Documentary.

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Why Are They Lying To Us?

There are people and entities, including many whom we believe to be our allies, who do not want us to bring you an unfiltered, uncut, unscripted look at our southern border.

What don’t they want to us to know?

The anti-American Democrats, backstabbing Republican RINOs, and Fake News Media frauds have been lying about the crisis at the border while distracting the American people with a hoax impeachment. All sides of our government have known about this problem for decades and have done nothing about it.

What do they know?
What are they hiding?
And what is the truth?

OBC is a 2,000-mile, 20-day live streaming investigative border documentary to be carried out by a team of combat veterans led by US Army veterans SSG Douglas M. Ducote, Sr. and “American Joe” which is launching in early 2020.

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Operation Border Command

OBC, the first live-streaming investigative report to document the entire 2,000 mile southern border, will be co-hosted by retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Douglas Ducote and U.S. Army veteran American Joe.

OBC will go around corporate owned media, activist journalists, and disingenuous politicians, to investigate charges of racism, claims of inhumane conditions at detention facilities, the truth behind asylum seekers, the horrors of human trafficking, the dangers of drug smuggling, the reality of cartel-funded corruption, and how many miles of barrier have already been constructed and what is scheduled to be built before the 2020 Presidential election.

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Total Reach

2,000 Miles, 20 Days, 40 Stops

With two US Army veterans at the helm, OBC is unique in that it will be the only live streaming 2,000 mile border investigation with no preconceived agenda other than to seek out and report the truth to the American people. The local and national television, radio, print, and alternative media are encouraged to cover this investigation.

The primary goal of OBC is to provide an in-depth look at the border on a scale that has not been done before, and to report the unfiltered truth to America through those who live and work on the border every day.


Expanding on Douglas’ two-day border investigation in April, that garnered over 500,000 views, Douglas Ducote and American Joe will live stream the entire border with a camera mounted outside the OBC bus to give a true representation of the current state of the border.

Douglas will lend credibility to this project on a level that differs from past border documentaries by utilizing his decades of experience as a combat veteran and law enforcement officer, as well as his experience, knowledge, and ability to conduct interviews and scene investigations.


OBC will live stream daily documentary-style footage and interviews with local law enforcement, elected officials, Border Patrol, ICE, National Guard, military, volunteer militia, and border town residents, as well as live stream a shot of the border from outside the  bus, stream behind-the-scenes planning footage from inside the tour bus, broadcast a nightly show with panel guests to discuss daily findings, and release high intensity edited mini-documentary clips throughout each day.

2 US Army Veteran Hosts

20 Professional Crew Members

1 Tour Bus

2000 Total Tour Miles

100 Tour Miles Per Day

20 Total Tour Days

40 Total Tour Stops

2 Tour Stops Per Day

8 Live Streamed Hours Per Day

1 Live Streamed Show Per Day

10 Edited Minutes Per Day

1 Post Tour Documentary


OBC is currently seeking experienced high intensity video editors, cameramen, audio technicians, graphic designers, and web gurus. Reach out to us via the form below.


OBC will launch with a 5,000,000+ combined subscriber distribution network. Please contact us if you are an independently owned business and you are interested in becoming a sponsor.